Roman Leljak movies

Mit o Jasenovcu

In order to cover up their crimes against the Croatian population, the communist government created a great myth about Jasenovac as the largest camp of the NDH state in the Second World War. Out of 1.7 million victims of the Second World War on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, over 700,000 belonged to the state of the Independent State of Croatia in that camp alone.

Movie duration: 64 min

Maribor - Najveće stratište Hrvata

In May 1945, from Bleiburg, about 250,000 prisoners of war were handed over to the Patisans by the English war, which they had committed before the communist repression. Soldiers, civilians, women and children were killed after they surrendered to the partisans on their way through Slovenia to Croatia. Tezno near Maribor is the execution site of 30,000 Croats.

Movie duration: 60 min

Huda jama

Since May 25, 1945, in the Huda Jama mine near Laško in Slovenia, a partisan unit of the 3rd Brigade of the Slovenian KNOJ committed one of the most horrific crimes in World War II. Over 3,000 prisoners of war, civilians from the refugee of the Croatian Way of the Cross, including hundreds of women and children, were killed by being tied up, some alive, and pushed into the 47-meter-deep trench of St. Barbara. 

Movie duration: 60 min

Djeca s Kozare

This movie Children from Kozara shows a lot of archival material, it is an incentive for historians to try to understand the spirit of those times, realistically observe history and forget the spirit of the national liberation war which is full of ideology of a historical story based on ideals that never existed.

Movie duration: 55 min