Djeca s Kozare (Book and Dvd)


This film Children from Kozara shows a lot of archival material, it is an incentive for historians to try to understand the spirit of those times, realistically observe history and forget the spirit of the national liberation war which is full of ideology of a historical story based on ideals that never existed. Film is a medicine by which, with the right approach, we can cure the delusion of consciousness and create a new realistic foundation. Was there unnecessary suffering for children, could the NDH authorities have taken better care of the children? Yes, they could! However, the fact is that the Croatian people have adopted over 20,000 children on the instructions of the NDH….

Date of publishing: 2020
Publisher: Video production and publishing, Maja Rožman, s.p. Kapelska cesta 1, 9252 Radenci
Author: Roman Leljak
264 pages, A5 format, paperback

The price includes a movie and a book

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