Huda jama (Book and Dvd)


Since May 25, 1945, in the Huda Jama mine near Laško in Slovenia, a partisan unit of the 3rd Brigade of the Slovenian KNOJ committed one of the most horrific crimes in World War II. Over 3,000 prisoners of war, civilians from the refugee of the Croatian Way of the Cross, including hundreds of women and children, were killed by being tied up, some alive, and pushed into the 47-meter-deep trench of St. Barbara. The liquidations took place until June 6, 1945.

Date of publishing: 2017
Publisher: Video production and publishing, Maja Rožman, s.p. Kapelska cesta 1, 9252 Radenci
Author: Roman Leljak
238 pages, A 5 format, paperback

The price includes a movie and a book

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