Komplet štirih knjig Sodelavci UDBE 1945 – 1990


The collaborators of the UDBA were secret collaborators of the secret system of the SFRY, the State Security Service, known as the UDBA. The Secret Service cooperated with the citizens of SFRY and foreigners, in the country and abroad. The service established cooperation in a covert manner, secretly established cooperation with citizens of SFRY and foreigners in the country and abroad in order to collect data and information and perform other tasks in order to ensure the totalitarian system of SFRY under the leadership of the Communist Party and J.B. Tita. The books list 40,234 UDBA associates.

In four books is a list of collaborators with personal data, who collaborated with the secret service for various reasons.

Set of four books: Speča UDBA, Špiclji UDBE, Špiclji UDBE A-L, Špiclji UDBE M – Ž

Format: A5, a total of 1339 pages, soft binding
Author: Roman Leljak
Publisher: Video production and publishing, Maja Rožman, s.p. Kapelska cesta 1, 9252 Radenci

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