Mit o Jasenovcu (Book and Dvd)


In order to cover up their crimes against the Croatian population, the communist government created a great myth about Jasenovac as the largest camp of the NDH state in the Second World War. Out of 1.7 million victims of the Second World War on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, over 700,000 belonged to the state of the Independent State of Croatia in that camp alone. Even after 70 years, Jasenovac remains a myth and a subject of political conflict. No one wants to historically analyze the material of the Independent State of Croatia, which is still in the archives in Belgrade the real truth about Jasenovac. The documentary points to numerous documents from Belgrade that give us a new picture of the Jasenovac camp.

Date of publishing: 2018
Publisher: Video production and publishing, Maja Rožman, s.p. Kapelska cesta 1, 9252 Radenci
Author: Roman Leljak
394 pages, A 5 format paperback

The price includes a movie and a book

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